Abuse can look different for immigrants. Immigration status is often used as a tactic of abuse and may appear in some of these forms:

·         Isolation-Preventing someone from learning English or communicating with friends, family or others. Moving to places where transportation is not available.

·         Threats-Threatening deportation or withdrawal of petitions for legal status.

·         Intimidation– Destroying legal documents or papers needed in this country, such as passports, social security card, resident cards, health insurance or driver’s licenses.

·         Manipulation Regarding Citizenship or Residency– Withdrawing or refusing to file immigration papers; threatening loss of legal status if abuse is reported.

·         Economic Abuse– Withholding documents to be able work, making false reports to employers regarding immigration status.

·         Using Children-Threatening to hurt children or send them away if the police are contacted or threatening to harm children or family in their home country.

There are several forms of immigration relief available for those experiencing domestic violence.


If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call our confidential 24 hour Spanish help line at 1-800-510-9195 to speak with an advocate.  For more information on immigrant rights, you can contact an advocate at UNIDOS.  

Contact Us:
24/7 National DV Hotline
Office:  608-256-9195


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